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Don’t Abuse the Fireworks, Why?

Published:2009-09-12                Source: Beihai Kylin Fireworks         Views: 3273

Don’t Abuse the Fireworks, Why?
Don’t Abuse the Fireworks, why?
Because if you abuse fireworks, you will be helping to get fireworks banned.
Some organizations, including the National Fire Protection Association and the Centers for Disease Control, have been quietly campaigning the U.S. government to ban all sales of consumer fireworks in the United States. These campaigns have been unsuccessful so far, but that doesn't mean they are going to stop trying.
This year there has been a dramatic rise in the number of video clips distributed around the Internet which show people (mainly teenage boys) using fireworks in stupid and inappropriate ways. These "Jackass"-style stunts might make you laugh today, but they will ultimately make you cry in the future, if they are a contributing factor in the elimination of consumer fireworks in the U.S.
If you abuse fireworks and get injured, or cause an injury or cause property damage, you will simply add to the statistics that these groups use in presenting their case for banning consumer fireworks in the U.S. Is this what you want to have happen?
If you abuse fireworks and take a video of it, and the put the video on the internet for anyone to watch, then what will happen? The anti-fireworks groups may use your video in their presentation, and show it to some member of Congress, and that member just happens to be the one who casts the deciding vote in enacting a new law that outlaws consumer fireworks in the U.S. Do you want to be the one who helped that happen?
I didn't think so. So please, use fireworks strictly in accordance with the printed instructions on them, and also please observe all safety guidelines when using them.
Please join the Fireworks Alliance. It's free, and you can help fight to keep consumer fireworks legal in the United States.
--This information comes from www.fireworksland.com