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Before putting on any fireworks show, review and memorize these tips

Published:2009-04-11                Source: Beihai Kylin Fireworks         Views: 2687

Before putting on any fireworks show, review and memorize these tips
Keep fireworks away from watermelons, dolls and mannequins.
Buy only legal consumer fireworks.
Use fireworks only in a wide-open area
Do not use fireworks near houses.
Do not use fireworks on grass or any soft, uneven ground.
Bring a large
Only an adult
Have a flashlight and a bucket of water
Keep the spectators at least 50 feet away
Always keep the spectators upwind
Always wear safety goggles when lighting fireworks.
Follow the instructions printed on each item. Read these instructions well in advance.
Keep the fireworks in a box
Place each firework within a concrete block before lighting it.
Multi-shot "cakes" should be glued down or taped down, ideally. If you do not have time to do this, use a concrete block or a set of 4 concrete blocks placed in a square. Set each cake inside the block(s).
Reloadable shells should all be pre-loaded into their mortar tubes in advance of the show. If you attempt to reload tubes during the show, you will be very frustrated and you will slow down the pace of the show. This will require buying a lot of extra tubes, but it will make for a much better show. Stopping the show to reload tubes will create "dead space" in your show and boredom in your audience.
Never use PVC pipe for launching fireworks.
Ground spinners need a large, flat, smooth, hard, level surface to work. The same goes for traveling novelty items such as "Tanks," etc. Bring a large board if no hard, flat surface is at the shooting site.
Flying Spinners and helicopters need a flat, smooth, hard, level surface to spin on before they lift off. Make sure the printed side is up and the fuse is underneath a wing. Do not stand them on end.
Skyrockets must be launched from a narrow tube or a rack designed for them, not from your hand or by sticking them into the ground.
Roman Candles must be set in a stable rack or other support. Do not hold roman candles in your hand!
Light only one item at a time.
 Do not light fireworks inside any container that was not specifically designed for this purpose.
Light the firework with a long-handled lighter such as for barbecues, or a jumbo punk or a road flare.
Keep your body away from the firework and reach out to light the fuse.
Do not have your body close to the firework.
Step back after lighting the fuse, to at least 10 feet away from the firework you just lit.
Never, ever, look into a tube that has a shell loaded into it, and never place any part of your body over a tube.
Don't try to re-light a dud.
If you have sparklers, ask everyone to drop their sparklers into a bucket of water when they finish.
Children who want to hold sparklers must do so only with their parents' supervision at all times.
Always clean up the area after the show.
--This information comes from www.FireworksSafety.org.